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Motivated by the idea of helping consumers achieve a higher level of security in their private lives through legal protection, we established a new Norwegian insurance company in 2005.

HELP is the only insurance company in Norway specialized in legal insurance. Our legal insurance provides high quality legal services in a new and affordable way. HELP Forsikring AS acquired a license from the Norwegian Ministry of Finance in October 2005, and we opened our doors for business on 1 December 2005. Today we have more than 300 employees in Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Helsinki. 


From the beginning, HELP has been owned by larger, private, financial shareholders: ARAG (Germany), Storebrand Livsforsikring AS and Ferd AS. From 2013, ARAG, a long term majority owner, became the sole shareholder of HELP Forsikring. As an insurance company, we are subject to supervision by the Norwegian Financial Authority, which conducts supervision of all our financial undertakings.

Business idea

We aim to make legal services available to the private market through a broad distribution of our legal insurance products.


The rules should be equal for everyone. 

Legal power house

HELP is the no. 1 provider of legal protection to individuals in Scandinavia. Our more than 170 in-house lawyers specialise in private law. We want our clients to save time, money and trouble in relation to legal matters. Our clients may regard HELP as their own private attorney.

Core products

Family Legal Insurance

Our family legal insurance covers legal protection within important areas of private law, such as family, heritage and property law, matters concerning consumer purchase of goods and services, in addition to ID theft and cyber bullying. The insurance covers both counselling and legal services in order to prevent, and solve, conflicts. 18 unions within the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions and 11 Swedish unions have collective agreements with HELP and have made Family Legal Insurance a part of their union membership benefits.

Homebuyer Insurance

Our homebuyer insurance acts as the legal counterpart to the vendor's insurance, which is a "transfer of ownership"-insurance. The homebuyer insurance provides free access to legal assistance in the event of a claim relating to the transferred property. The majority of real estate agents in Norway offer our homebuyer insurance, acquired when signing the real estate contract. The homebuyer insurance is charged as a one-off fee, with a duration of five years after the takeover proceedings.

Our promise to our customers

Leave your legal concerns to us. You may regard HELP as your own private attorney.

If you wish to receive wordings or information about our products in English, please contact our customer service. You can reach our customer service via the following telephone number: + 45 39 90 09 00 or you can send an e-mail to kontakt@helpforsikring.dk